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I am an Irish folk artist, writer, storyteller and home cook. My passions are folklore, rural Irish heritage and traditional Irish food. My father Owen, a Donegal craftsman and storyteller restored my  fisherman's cottage which is situated in Dalkey, a picturesque sea town village, only half an hour by train or car from Dublin city . The cottage was built in 1860 and is a five minute walk from Coliemore Harbour and Dalkey Island.

I spend large amounts of time travelling the countryside interviewing country people about their heritage, their superstitions and rural traditions.  These people are the last of our citizens who knew an Ireland without technology and social media. Apart from my father, the Folklore Commission in University College Dublin is my finest source of stories and information.

I spend most of my time painting by the turf fire and listening to the ferocious wind, an inevitable part of living by the sea. Last year I wrote a cookery book, "Behind the Half-Door, Stories of Food and Folk, with my friend Kady O'Connell.

The cottage is a simple, peaceful place  with a red half- door that remains open to visitors from all over the world.

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About Biddy

"Brighid 'Biddy,' Mc Laughlin has been a storyteller all her life. In drawings, words and painting she has captured the tales of common and not so common folk caught up in the maelstrom of life.

Naive art is informal art without imposed education. Naive artists are children at heart and they seek to touch the most basic of human needs-love, companionship, humour and adventure by childlike expression. The widely acknowledged international artist Michael Johnson said of Biddy's art that 'she will be one of Ireland's great naive interpretive painters. Typical of Biddy's unique style is the inversion of traditional tales where her animals are real but her people children. So through the innocent eye of childhood our world can be reborn everyday.'

The best storytelling alwayss involves danger and suspense. Biddy doesn't avoid danger. dark elements often threaten and sometimes seem overwhelming but love of life wins through. In the 'Kingdom of Innocence,' good always triumps over evil.

More than anything Biddy's art is essentially about humour. Many years ago while walking down Ballybunion telling a story. He had, he said, a stitch in his gut from laughing. "You know Brighid, some people soar with the larks and wallow with the pigs," he cried, "you soar with the pigs and wallow with the larks-pigs being endearing creatures of course.!"

John B.Keane.

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